Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TEFL - Teaching with Limited Resources

TEFL - Teaching with Limited Resources

Briefly describe two ways in which you would use each of the following objects in your teaching.

Question 1

• Trees growing outside.
Question 2
• An orange.
Question 3
• The desks (themselves rather than what you can put on them).
Question 4
• The school building as a whole.
Question 5
• A cardboard box.
Question 6
• Students' shoes.
Question 7
Imagine you're giving a speaking and vocabulary lesson about 'occupations' to a class of pre-intermediate level teenagers. The students know the basic present, past and future tenses. You have recapped the vocabulary of popular occupations and introduced a few new ones. Flashcards prepared by the students have been used. The new vocabulary has been drilled and taken down into the students’ notebooks.
Write 3-5 ideas how to practise the new vocabulary in class based entirely on the students’ own/their classmates’/teacher’s experience, and on their imagination. Remember to include homework. Write about 200 words.
Question 8
Imagine you’re teaching in an empty classroom. There are only four walls, your students and yourself (there is no white/blackboard either). Think of a game which would keep the students engaged for 15 minutes. Indicate the level and what language point you would practise. Describe how you would play the game. Do not use the games already described in the module. Write about 100 words.
Question 9
Imagine you are going to teach the vocabulary of kitchen items to a pre-intermediate class of young adults. The classroom has minimal furniture, rows of desks fixed to the floor and a blackboard. All students have pens and paper. There are no textbooks or technical equipment available. The only materials you can use are those which you and your students own or which you have created with your own hands. Neither you nor your students have had the opportunity to use a printer or photocopier. Plan a 45 minute lesson. Remind yourself of the rules of lesson planning and include the following information:
• Objective
• Target language
• Assumed knowledge
• Anticipated problems
• Solutions
• Preparations and aids
Then write a step-by-step lesson plan including timing and interaction for each stage.

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