Wednesday, December 29, 2010



Question 1

Think of some questions you could ask your one-to-one students about their specific needs in your first class, e.g. 'What are your hobbies or interests?' (Write approx. 100 words)

Imagine you are giving a lesson on a particular subject (e.g. vocabulary of animals, or 1st conditional, or any other) and describe an activity that you would plan for each type of learner – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – to practise the subject. (50 words each)

Question 2
• Visual
Question 3
• Auditory
Question 4
• Kinaesthetic

Here are four reasons why a student may be unresponsive. Write below what solutions you would use to deal with this. (50-100 words each)

Question 5
• The student feels uncomfortable or shy in a one to one situation.
Question 6
• Your student has had a bad day at work/school/home and is finding it hard to concentrate. He/she wants to tell you all his/her problems. You are starting to feel more like a counsellor.
Question 7
• Your student has poor listening skills.
Question 8
• Your student expects you to dominate the lesson and do all the talking.

Question 9

Think of an activity/game that can be used in a one-to-one lesson and describe how you would use it. The level is upper-intermediate, the topic of the lesson is Travelling. Your student has fluency problems and she tends to be reluctant to speak, so think of an activity which would encourage her to do a lot of talking. (Write about 150 words)

Question 10

Look at the student’s profile below:

Level: Pre-intermediate, has been learning English for 2 years

Age: 26
Job: Journalist
Interests: Action movies, extreme sports, rock music, travelling
Needs English for: Working on assignments abroad, meeting with foreign colleagues, socialising, writing e-mails, telephoning.
Skills he wants to improve most: Speaking and listening
Learner style: Visual

(Note: the information about interests and needs is given to help you ‘get to know’ the student better; you don’t have to use it all in your lesson)

Based on the information above, write a lesson plan for a 45-minute lesson with this student. The topic is Telephoning, and the objective is to prepare the student to communicate over the phone. At present, he finds it difficult to speak with someone without seeing the person and he needs to learn the standard language of telephone conversations (e.g. “I’d like to speak to …, please?”, etc).

Please include the following information:
• Target language (list the specific vocabulary/phrases/structures you will teach)
• Assumed knowledge (for example, list some grammatical structures the student already knows, which can be of use during the lesson)
• Anticipated problems
• Solutions
• Preparations and aids
• A step-by-step plan of the entire lesson including the timing of each stage. Remember to follow the PPP sequence: from Presentation, through Controlled Practice to Freer Practice (Production).